And we're liiiiiiive......

So here we are with the new site!

After rebranding our hire company, Cinebase is now a real thing. As a bonus, we finally have a website!

So what are we here to do? Basically, help films get made. We love filmmaking, it's the whole reason we got into the rental game - we wanted some nice toys to play with on set. 

Hopefully you're just as passionate about your own upcoming films and this is where we step in. Offering cinema level equipment, without trying to steal your entire budget.

We've helped out commercial projects from companies like Flight Centre, Queensland Reds, Supercheap Auto, O'Brien, Queensland Government, the list goes on.   

Sure we love commercial rates, who doesn't, but we've also been involved in countless student, masters, and micro-budget shoots from Griffith Film School, QUT, UQ, JMC, and New York Film Academy. As a student or recent graduate, you are the future of this industry. As Cinebase grows, we'd love to accompany you through each leap and bound of your career.

Whether your team has a short film, TVC, music video, or a feature, please don't be afraid to chat with us before production day. Sure, we can't give everything away for free, but we want your film to be the best it can be and will work with you to see if there's a solution that satisfies everyone. 

So feel free to wander around the site and enjoy your stay. 

Thanks for the love and see you all on set ;)

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