CineMilled PRO-Ring with all terrain feet and bearing spindles
CineMilled PRO-Ring broken down in parts
Ready Rig and CineMilled PRO-Ring in jib mode
CineMilled PRO-Ring with all terrain feet

CineMilled PRO-Ring Support

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CineMilled PRO-Ring... There isn't much this camera mounting platform can't do. There are already many videos out there showing the capabilities, the basic rundown is this:

Handheld - check.
Gimbal mount - check.
Mini-jib mode (floor to approximately 10-12ft high) - check. 

You can easily begin to picture the creative possibilities, especially when paired with the Ready Rig, you will save your back and be able to shoot gold all day!

*Please note: the mini-jib mode requires the Ready Rig to support and operate.

We have pretty much all the options from CineMilled and our kit has these options:

  • Multiple length tubes
  • Mount for Ronin, Movi / Movi Pro
  • Handheld mounting plate (no gimbal required in this mode)
  • Standard and All-terrain feet
  • Ready Rig GS Swivel mount
  • Spindle mounts for 25mm and 30mm tubes (Ronin, Movi, and Movi Pro)