24ft-32ft grip jib crane remote head
24ft-32ft grip jib crane remote head

Jib with Remote Head - 24ft / 32ft

Regular price
Day Rate: $1,100
Weekly Rate: $3,300

*Please read entire description for full details.


24ft or 32ft total length.


- Remote head with control
- Weights to offset camera

Price includes one operator/technician.

* Please note: Two operators are generally required with the hire of this crane, and at least one of them must be from Cinebase. Happy to discuss in detail.  
Additional operator charged at $500.

* Operators will still charge labour for days 4 and 5 in addition to the weekly 3-for-5 rate.

Jib with- 

One Operator:                                  Two Operators: 
- 4 days hire: $3,800                        - 4 days hire: $5,800
- 5 days hire: $4,300                        - 5 days hire: $6,800