Ready Rig Camera Support with ProArms
Ready Rig Telescopic Pro Arms
CineMilled Ready Rig GS Swivel Gimbal Mount
Ready Rig PRO-Ring jib mode

Ready Rig GS Camera Support System - with ProArms upgrade

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Day Rate: $130
Weekly Rate: $390

** Now with the upgraded extendable ProArms for even more weight carrying ability and new configurations**

The Ready Rig GS and Pro Arms combination will instantly add hours to your operating fuel tank and greatly reduce fatigue.

By taking the weight of the camera away from your arms and placing it on your hips, you will no longer be found crying between takes; your arms so blasted that you can't even raise them to wipe your tears of shame away. 

Now with the camera safely supported, you can operate with one hand and hold that questionable chicken burrito, from lunch 5 hours ago, with the other. 

It's very fast to adjust for varying camera weights from DSLR's up to the big boys like the ARRI Alexa and Sony F65.

We have the spindle mounts for 25mm and 30mm tubes so you can attach to an existing ring  on your Ronin, Movi, and Movi Pro or use our PRO-Ring.

We believe the Ready Rig is much more versatile than an Easyrig. Chat with us about trying it out to see if it will suit your production.

*Can be set up for multiple mounting configurations - see CineMilled PRO-Ring for more options.